Leadgenius is a delightfully simple sales automation and virtual company, currently used by dozens of high-growth technology companies to replace their sales development operations with virtual staffers.

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  • Founders:
    Anand Kulkarni, Co-founder, CEO
    Prayag Narula, Co-founder, CTO
    David Rolnitzky, Co-founder, Chief Design/Product Officer

Bee Partners contribution

When Wes Selke asked Michael to serve as a mentor to his HUB Ventures program in 2011, Bee Partners met an incredibly innovative startup.  Anand and his team had spent years in the lab, and now they have revolutionized the way we can complete work within our knowledge workforce – by leveraging the crowd and using the most powerful computer in the world: the human brain. Bee Partners is honored to advise the team from time-to-time, and we’re excited about the potential for LeadGenius to redefine ‘work’ in the years to come.

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