Tradesy is the leading peer-to-peer marketplace for fashion. The company’s unique marketplace platform automates everything from shipping and returns to improving user-generated content to authenticating designer goods, removing frictions previously associated with online resale.

  • Hive Status:
    first investor tradesy
  • Founders:
    Tracy DiNunzio, CEO, Co-founder
    Sash Catanzerite, CPO, Co-founder
    John Hall, CTO, Co-founder
  • Invested: 2012

Bee Partners contribution

Late-night chats pretty much sums up our advisory support.  In the early days, Tracy’s questions were about the fog of entrepreneurship and management / recruiting.  Now, the tables have turned, and we’re reaching out to her for feedback on new investment opportunities.

Since investment

A true genesis stage investment, Tradesy enjoys the leadership of a persistent and dedicated entrepreneur whose energy attracts resources from near and far. We started talking well before an accelerator took interest, and Bee Partners has invested in every round since. The fashion world is keeping tabs too – Tradesy is changing the relationship that women have with their closets, and we’re thrilled to be a part of the story.

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