*** IPO on 7/18/2014 (Nasdaq: TUBE) ***

TubeMogul is an enterprise software company for digital branding giving brands greater control of their digital video advertising spend and achieve their brand advertising objectives.

  • Hive Status:
    first investor Nasdaq: TUBE TubeMogul
  • Founders:
    Brett Wilson,
    John Hughes,

Bee Partners contribution

At Haas in late 2006, John’s cool online video widget had Michael scratching his head and wondering whether it’s a scaleable business model. In the earliest days, Brett looked to Michael for financial guidance on his seed round, and although they beat out Michael’s company in the Business Plan Competition, he still decided to become their first investor. TubeMogul is now the standard in online video branding, and listed¬†its shares on the Nasdaq on July 18th!

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