Bee Partners Adds Product & Startup Expert Alejandra Vergara as Associate

September 7, 2020
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San Francisco and Denver - September 8, 2022 - Continuing its unconventional approach to team building, Bee Partners recently hired Ale Vergara as an Associate.  Michael Berolzheimer, Founder & Managing Partner commented, “We underwrite every company in our portfolio to return the fund… to achieve such discipline we need associates who’ve experienced breadth as both a Founder as well as an investor.  Ale’s history packs a punch for us, and her own passions for machine learning and biological machines align perfectly with how we see the future.  Welcome to Bee Partners, Ale!”

Born in Chile, Ale earned her MBA from UC Berkeley Haas School of Business with a certificate in Entrepreneurship and Technology.  While in business school, she founded two Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and Material Sciences startups with multi-disciplinary teams. She was co-president of Haas Venture Capital Club, a team lead for Berkeley Female Founders & Funders, and a fellow at UC Berkeley’s SkyDeck Accelerator.  Before moving to the Bay Area, Ale spent six years in Financial Services at JP Morgan and Investment Management at Falcom Asset Management. At Falcom, she quickly grew into a Portfolio Manager role, managing two top-tier funds, one of which she founded.  Ale’s experience as a fund manager helped reshape her vision and led to her fascination with product design, iteration, building and fundraising.  This experience, combined with her exploratory mind and quest for large scale impact, attracted her to entrepreneurship and ultimately, Bee Partners. 

Kira Noodleman, Partner shared, “Ale is a force of nature and an awesome partner to collaborate with on deal flow - in particular - our Machine-to-Machine Learning and Biological Machines vectors. Her unmatched operating speed and voracious intellectual curiosity inspires us all.  She's simply a wonderful human - we are incredibly lucky that she has joined Bee Partners, and look forward to the years ahead.”

Ale brings high energy into everything she does, starting with her early morning bike rides and trail runs.  She’s an Ironman 70.3 All World Athlete and a 2022 World Championship qualifier. 

“You know you’re in a good place when the sky’s the limit and you have an incredible team to guide you through the journey”, Alejandra said. “I’m fascinated with the amount of industries being reimagined and redesigned by Founders.  Listening to their stories and having the privilege of seeing the future through their eyes is what gets me up in the morning.  ‘Machines are outpacing human capacity’, there’s no doubt about it, and I love spending my time learning about platforms where the data is meaningful and the technology brings about a cultural change or vice versa: machine-to-machine learning in industrial and cutting-edge settings, blockchain technology applications, and carbontech with clear applications.  I’m fired up about being part of the team that will become the go-to early-stage frontier tech investor.  Here we go!”

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