What we believe & invest in.

We invest at the pre-seed stage for startups based in North America, providing $500k-$1.5M in capital to businesses that are within one of our three vectors:

The atomic unit is the human, where software powered by data and AI/ML extends our potential beyond imagination.

The atomic unit is the machine - standardizing work and taking it to the next level of performance and precision thanks to software and hardware in ways never before possible.

The atomic unit is the living organism, supercharged by a genetic toolkit, allowing humans to defy the laws of nature, creating never-before-possible products and unlocking novel markets due to advances in software, hardware, and wetware.

human abilities and machine evolution

We believe the Frontier Curve of Innovation™ defines the ideal window of investment opportunity at the intersection of human ability and machine evolution.

We attract and decipher the top opportunities for startups originating in academic labs, founders inside of tech companies, and second-time founders who are seeking first checks with exponential growth opportunities.


Human-Machine Interaction

  • Companies targeting dormant incumbents that are slow to adapt. An opportunity exists to leverage unstructured data and novel synthetic data techniques for workflow automation and increased coordination.
  • Companies opening new markets, by providing “AI access” to those who couldn’t otherwise participate due to complexity. Imagine being one API call away from model training, testing, and deployment.
  • Companies creating new user experiences, by utilizing user engagement data and more. The new breed of software will understand the unique needs of every individual; what we need to see, what we don’t, and what should be automated.
  • Companies solving new bottlenecks that will only become more valuable as AI permeates everything we do.

    Our representative HMI investments:

Machine-to-Machine Learning

  • Design for X (DFX, e.g. DF[Manufacturing]) via a new data source coupled with a tight feedback loop, solving for cost, lead times, and complexity. Industry-agnostic.
  • Horizontal solutions that solve a critical bottleneck (e.g. motion planning) pre-deployment, with a handoff to the existing system integrator value chain (vs. verticalizing the entire stack).
  • Leveraging the latest technology wave (e.g. LLMs, zero shot learning) to accelerate ML training and unlock/productionize new robotic applications, elegantly tackling labor shortages across industries.
  • Greenfield Factories of the Future a la Hadrian that transcend the limitations of the fractured US SMB manufacturing ecosystem of OEMs and part suppliers hampered by legacy production methods.

    See M2ML Archetypes we look for here.

    Our representative M2ML investments:
    Synthesis AI
    Iris Automation
    Rapid Robotics

Biological Machines

  • Never-Before-Possible Bio-Products (Food, Chemicals, Materials).  In particular, we believe in Catalysts (platforms that are ”machines”) tuned to produce high value ingredients or end products in established markets, with compelling paths to price parity.

  • Lab Automation; Manufacturing > R&D. Software platforms geared to the reproducibility of experiments (e.g. CROs at scale).  We prefer vertical solutions driving products to market faster.

  • CarbonTech plays  including resilience (data informed risk adaptation), emissions reductions (efficiency plays), carbon sequestration and reuse (Carbon-to-Value- C2V), rare earth mining and e-waste management.

    See BioM Archetypes we look for here. 

    Our representative BioM investments:
    New Culture


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Have a company that does not fit in the above categories? Tell us about it anyway. Although we invest within our three vectors (HMI, M2ML, & BioM), we'd love to learn about your compelling deep tech idea.