Robotic Machine Operators at Your Service. 

Jordan Kretchmer and Ruddick Lawrence saw the need for robots at a time of declining labor participation.

Automation is a viable solution to the severe labor shortage currently upending the manufacturing industry.

Nearly every corner of the manufacturing industry has been rocked by both a global pandemic and record-breaking inflation. Combined with fluctuating demand levels, supply chain interruptions, and ongoing labor shortages, it’s the perfect storm of hurdles and challenges.

According to the latest data from the Labor Department's JOLT database, there were 860,000 unfilled manufacturing jobs in March 2022. The average age for manufacturing workers is 44, and they’re retiring faster than they’re being replaced. The current labor shortage plaguing American manufacturers is a long term and permanent issue.

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Solve your labor shortage with the Rapid Machine Operator. 

Rapid automates common machine operator tasks to help manufacturers solve labor shortages, scale their business, and outbid competitors. 

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Jordan Kretchmer & Ruddick Lawrence

The world is rapidly changing, and technology is increasingly essential in many industries. 

Companies like Rapid Robotics have played a crucial role in making the industry more accessible and affordable by providing cost-effective and easy-to-use solutions that help solve the labor shortage problem and pave the way for more widespread adoption of automation. 

The Robotics-as-a-service (RaaS) provider offers automation solutions for businesses of all sizes. By pairing subscription payments and cloud connectivity with the latest in robotics tech, Rapid Robotics makes it easier for smaller businesses to take advantage of the benefits of automation, leading to increased productivity, efficiency, and profitability for businesses of all sizes.

Selling technical services to non-technical investors & customers on TechCrunch Live

"The story we are telling is about a complex market, and the story lines between our investor deck and our customer deck ended up merging."

Rapid Robotics provides innovative robotic workforce solutions that aim to make the deployment of automated solutions for simple tasks faster and easier for manufacturers. With its cutting-edge technology, Rapid Robotics helps companies to solve the labor shortage problem and increase productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

One example of such technology is the Rapid Machine Operator, which can be "hired" for a low monthly fee, requiring only light supervision, and quickly set up without integration costs. This cost-effective and easy-to-use solution has helped many businesses to automate their manufacturing processes successfully, achieving significant savings in labor costs and increasing output. 

The success of these solutions has demonstrated the potential of robotics and automation to enhance productivity and efficiency. As a result, they have become indispensable tools for companies looking to maintain their position and drive growth in today's competitive marketplace.



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