Frontier Curve of Innovation™

Think of today's technology landscape like a line. Now, imagine it as a curve that's always moving forward. This special curve is called the Frontier Curve of Innovation™. With each new technology breakthrough, this curve moves outward, creating countless new opportunities. These opportunities represent the businesses of the future, the businesses of preSeed deeptech venture investing. 

Bee Partners investment services use the Frontier Curve of Innovation as guide for directing optimal investment opportunties in preSeed deeptech investing. We invest in Founders and business models that are right on this curve or just beyond it. This is where we find new ideas that match exciting business possibilities in growing markets.

The Frontier Curve of Innovation helps us evaluate new businesses in a smart way. It helps us see how close they are to being ready for the market and how much potential they have to succeed over time. 

There are two big challenges we tackle using this curve: the risk that comes with new technology and the risk of finding customers. Just like it's a problem to be too late to the party, being too early can be tricky for startups too. Our approach avoids these problems. We focus on taking just the right amount of risk, right on or really close to the Frontier Curve. This is where we believe the best opportunities are.

We're always searching for new investments in two areas: new technologies that shake up older industries, or when proven technologies open doors to fresh business ideas and untapped markets.

At the core of how we invest, there's a simple idea: the startups we support are set up to perform. They develop and deploy the most modern technologies touching our physcial world. At the helm is a passionate and savvy founder that we partner with whose vision is beyond the horizon.