Using Plants to Make Plastics

Nuha Siddiqui & Kritika Tyagi on using the power of plants to edit the way we make and use single-use plastics.

By simply replacing the input, existing manufacturing lines can create single-use plastics for the new zero-waste economy.

“The world produces 400 million tons of plastic waste every year. That’s equivalent to the weight of the entire human population,” said Siddiqui. “We started erthos to drive this shift in the most natural, seamless way possible with plant-powered materials for our planet.”

Nuha Siddiqui, the co-founder of erthos, is transforming the plastic industry for the better. Bay Street Bull featured her on their 30×30 guide, which showcases Canadians redefining business, championing their communities, and cultivating new industries. The publication also bestowed her with the Belvedere Sustainability Award for erthos’ commitment to protecting the environment through innovative entrepreneurial endeavors. This all comes as erthos releases a new video explaining plastics’ negative environmental impact and erthos’ plastic waste crisis solutions. 

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Making biodegradable plastics out of plants

Obviate the need for single use plastics, and make erthos plant powered plastics the natural choice globally for both brands and plastic manufacturers.

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Nuha Siddiqui

Nuha founded erthos while completing her Business & Environmental Economics degree at the University of Toronto. She plays an active role in supporting the diverse innovation ecosystem globally; from serving on the board of organizations like Canada Plastics Pact and Enactus Canada, to mentoring young entrepreneurs and women in STEM. She is dedicated towards supporting next-gen leaders creating a positive impact on this planet.



Kritika Tyagi

Kritika joined erthos while completing her degree in Plant biology at the University of Toronto. She actively works with industry groups globally as an advisor and contributing member to organizations such as Biodegradable Plastics Institute, the National Zero Waste Council and the Lambton Manufacturing Innovation Centre. Kritika is passionate about developing science-driven sustainable solutions to solve everyday challenges.

“The world depends on plastics, but the future depends on us.”

Erthos’ outputs span multiple industries, including fashion, tableware, packaging, lawn care, and personal care. The company is positioned to supply the growing consumer demand for environmentally friendly, compostable solutions. Globally, 85% of consumers have shifted their purchasing patterns toward eco-friendly products and services. The Global Sustainability Study 2021, conducted by Simon-Kucher & Partners, found that more than one-third of global consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable alternatives to everyday products and resources.

“The world depends on plastics, but the future depends on us,” said Siddiqui. “It’s time for a positive shift from the inside out – a movement for plant-powered materials for our planet.”


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