Bee Partners Pledge: Answer Every Email

July 24, 2013
1 min read
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Yep, I personally reply to every email I get from a founder.  While I’m not quite ready to pledge a response time to those emails, I will take responsibility for having a public email address.    The quality and thoughtfulness of a response will vary, for sure, but here are some ideas for you as you draft that email to prospective investors:

  • Double-check your email.   I’m surprised about how many emails I get with the Bee Partners firm name misidentified.  “Our company would be a great fit for [Blue Ocean Capital]…”   In spite of it being an easy way to filter out opportunities, I’ll still reply, but you won’t get a favorable response  from Bee Partners.
  • Spell-check and grammar check.  Need to explain?
  • Be thoughtful.  If there’s really a fit with Bee Partners’ approach or companies within my portfolio, explain why you think so!

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