Bee Portco Crowdbotics Closes on $22M to Help Any Business Make Custom Software

January 31, 2022
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With nearly half a million developer jobs empty right now, and another half million engineers soon to retire, custom software that is made on time and under budget is getting harder to find. Yet many businesses – maybe most businesses – really need it. Who's going to fill that need?

Crowdbotics, a Bee Partners portfolio company, just closed a $22M raise to help any business make custom software using a library of easy-to-use tech resources with professional engineers on call to help out. Victor Echevarria at Jackson Square Ventures led this round and we participated alongside Homebrew, UC Berkeley’s House Fund, Harrison Metal, and PacWest.

As Founder Anand Kulkarni described the company’s capabilities in a recent VentureBeat article, “... creators, innovators, and product teams can build full-code applications using reusable building blocks and on-demand engineering pulled from all over the web.”

While the library model and distributed team keep Crowdbotics’ offering affordable, Kulkarni has baked in fair wages for the on-demand engineers, most of whom are women and minorities, people often underrepresented in software development. 

The company currently has around 1,400 customers, including teams at Uber, McKinsey, Meta, and the U.S. Air Force. More than 20,000 apps have launched using Crowdbotics, including mission-critical health care apps, financial trading engines, learning management platforms, and government tools.

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Crowdbotics is hiring! To learn more about Crowdbotics, visit their website or follow them on LinkedIn for regular company updates.

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