Conversational Commerce

September 26, 2016
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NLP on the Verge of Utility

Natural language processing (NLP), encompassing text- and voice based human-computer interaction (HCI), promises a new way to approach consumers and service them where they already communicate with each other… in chat.  However, it is not as simple as slapping a new interface on top of old applications. The technology stack faces significant realignment all the way to the customer, and brands and enterprises must adapt.   

Conversational commerce is here to stay, promising to make enterprises more efficient, open new customer channels, and disrupt long-standing communication protocols between businesses and their customers, suppliers, and/or vendors.  In this presentation we lay out how we’ve arrived at this moment, and the necessary traits for winning businesses.

Garrett Goldberg
Partner, Bee Partners

Shantanu Mittal
Associate, Bee Partners

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