Head of Platform Hire, Austin Grisham, Expands the Bee Team Beyond the General Partnership

August 25, 2022
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It is with great excitement we announced the addition of Austin Grisham as Head of Platform. As the team expands beyond the general partnership, the growth is a testament to the firm's focus on network ecosystem expansion and brand building. Austin is based in Colorado and will join Kira Noodleman, Partner, in the Denver based office.

Austin, born and raised in Memphis, TN, is a two-time founder, initially establishing a boutique agency in 2016 focused on storytelling, content creation and brand strategy. Next, he founded an agricultural startup based in Rwanda working to integrate sustainable agriculture and grow supply chains for larger consumer brands in the U.S. for makeup, food production and other consumables. Additionally, he owned/operated a Whole Foods CPG company from 2019-2020.

Michael Berolzheimer, Founder and Managing Partner shared, “We’re super excited about Austin joining the Bee team. Folks with eclectic backgrounds are typically the most interesting to us, and Austin - with experience across marketing, ops, recruiting, strategy and more - checks a lot of boxes. We’re looking at massive network expansion coming up, and Austin is the right guy to build the platform to support. Boom! Welcome Austin!”

Austin joins Bee Partners after several years with Stage Fund, a majority female owned and operated buyout private equity fund based in Denver where he established the firm’s brand and expanded critical relationships for founders, deal flow partners, fundraising, and PR.

“Bee Partners could not be a better next step for me and I could not be more excited about what we’ll be able to build,'' Austin commented. “Transitioning from a founder to the investor and advisor community over the past years had me wondering if my founder instincts might lapse a bit. But not at Bee. The entire team has a founder mindset, and we’re hell-bent on building the best - most creative and performant - platform for early-stage founders out there. We’ll break some rules. You’ll hear about it!”

About Bee Partners

Founded in 2009 by operator-turned-investor Michael Berolzheimer, Bee Partners is the leading deep tech pre-seed venture capital firm that partners with revolutionary Founders in enterprise startups at the forefront of innovation. The firm leverages a singular approach to detecting new and emerging patterns of business as well as inside access to fertile but often overlooked entrepreneurial ecosystems to identify early opportunity in large, untapped markets. Bee’s portfolio companies consistently realize growth at levels that outstrip industry averages and have secured more than $1.5 billion of follow-on capital from the world's top VCs.

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