Kira Noodleman


Kira is a Partner at Bee Partners. She has spent the past six years investing and growing startups with a focus on go-to-market and minimum-viable product as a product manager in San Francisco and South America. Kira holds an undergraduate degree from Vanderbilt University and an MBA from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. 

Growing up in Silicon Valley, she was captivated by startup innovation, which has translated to focusing on Founders solving the unsolvable. For her, business is all about people. She co-organizes various female VC Communities such as Femme VC in Colorado and FemaleFunders in San Francisco. She’s active in her vision for Bee Partners to continue to provide the rails for building the most impactful empires at the center of human and machine convergence, fully acknowledging the responsibility and trust building required to do so. 

Kira fine-tuned her ability to be nimble, adaptable, curious, and creative for contributing to sourcing top deal flow and founded Bee Partners’ Denver office by pursuing the often overlooked burgeoning non-coastal innovation ecosystems. This move also reinforced the growing acceptance of remote/hybrid workforce which enables and integrates the vast global tech community.

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