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Bee Partners is a pre-seed deep tech venture firm.  We write Founders their first check and partner on their journey from zero to Series A and beyond.  These founders have the smarts, grit, and humanity to create the machines of tomorrow in AI/ML, Robotics, Automation, Synthetic Biology, and more. 

Bee Partners is a collective of builders, designers, entrepreneurs, operators, and technologists with experience across big tech, startups, research labs, and more.  We share a common goal: to deliver outcomes in the form of customers, ROI and venture-scale returns for our Founders, enterprise partners, and investors. 

Our strategy has led the portfolio to a 50%+ matriculation rate to Series A. Bee’s portfolio companies realize accelerated growth and have secured over $2B in follow-on capital from the world's top VCs.

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HMI Whitepaper

In the realms of technology and artificial intelligence, we're witnessing a profound shift in human-machine interaction driven by Generative AI (Gen AI). This marks a major inflection point where machines evolve away from prior UX paradigms to more closely adhere to human interaction. Traditional software UI constructs may soon disappear, giving way to dynamic, hyperpersonalized, and context-aware interfaces. This paper explores historical platform shifts, the unique nature of Gen AI, and the New Work Anatomy it proposes. It also addresses the technical foundations, opportunities, and risks associated with Gen AI, emphasizing that machines can now be true collaborative partners rather than mere tools. 

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Bee V Teaser Deck

We are on the cusp of a decades-long supercycle of productivity growth, spurred by AI and ever-present ways of tech-deflation that drive cheap, affordable, and accessible software, hardware, and biology.  Sci-fi dreams of gene therapy, automation everywhere, longevity, and ‘it just works’ software will become commonplace. That we seek capital efficient foundational businesses gives us the possibility of investing in the next $1T company.

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What We're Looking For

Bee Partners is focused on three vectors: Human-Machine Interaction (HMI), Machine-to-Machine Learning (M2ML), and Biological Machines (BioM). Machines will handle repetitive, mundane, and complex tasks, while humans will focus on creative and intuitive work. We invest in North American startups at the pre-seed stage, offering $500K-$1.5M. Our aim is to partner with founders who are close to today's Frontier Curve of Innovation™.

GenAI 101

GenAI 101 Course

AI has a rich history, marked by cycles of innovation and setbacks since the 1950s. Today, we are in a golden age of AI, driven by generative AI and LLMs. Bee Partners believes machines will win, steering AI evolution through investments and hands-on learning. We emphasize curiosity and practical experience in AI, offering a GenAI 101 Course to guide companies in understanding and leveraging this technology for future growth.