Transparency Service. 

Avniel Dravid and Marc Guldimann sought after a simple and safe means for companies to be transparent with consumer data. Assets acquired by DataCoup in 2014.

Rely on consumer data to protect your brand, promote a safer Internet, and make your marketing more user-friendly.

In the dynamic landscape of online platforms, Enliken emerged, enabling websites to effortlessly accept valuable consumer data for registration or payment purposes. With this solution, websites gained access to a real-time, opt-in feed of intent and brand affinity data, seamlessly integratable with Supply-Side Platforms (SSPs) and Data Management Platforms (DMPs). Publishers became empowered with comprehensive analytics, unraveling the mysteries of their audience's off-site activities, encompassing media consumption patterns and shopping behaviors.

Enliken's data-driven approach provided websites with an invaluable resource for understanding their audience on a deeper level. By capturing real-time consumer intent and brand affinity data, Enliken equips publishers with the tools to gain insights into the motivations and preferences that drive their audience's actions. This comprehensive understanding enabled publishers to tailor their offerings, optimizing user experiences and driving engagement.

In 2014, Datacoup decided to acquire Enliken's assets, and that marked the closure of the company.


Avniel Dravid and Marc Guldimann


Avniel Dravid & Marc Guldimann

Fortuitous encounters and shared aspirations laid the foundation for the entrepreneurial journey of Guldimann and Dravid, two ambitious freshmen residing on the same floor at CMU. Fuelled by a mutual passion for innovation, their friendship blossomed, eventually leading them to become roommates and devote countless hours to scribbling startup ideas on restaurant napkins.

The intertwining paths of Guldimann and Dravid serve as a testament to the power of ambition, collaboration, and seizing opportunities. Their formative years at CMU planted the seeds of entrepreneurship, propelling them towards a future where their ideas would evolve into reality. As they ventured forth into the world, armed with their unique experiences and unwavering determination, Guldimann and Dravid embarked on a journey that would shape their careers and leave an indelible mark on the entrepreneurial landscape.


“Enliken was founded to give the individual a voice in the conversation, to put people in control of their data and help them capture the value created by its use.”

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