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Brian York noticed an opportunity to revolutionize sports fan engagement.

Teams gains enhanced visibility into fan social engagement. They can schedule notifications for fans attending events or watching remotely, create "challenges" to drive specific behaviors, and customize rewards campaigns.

In 2011, Brian York founded Enthuse with the goal of enabling fans to connect with their beloved sports teams through mobile devices and earn rewards for various activities such as attending games, capturing photos, and sharing their passion. Additionally, Enthuse offers schools and sports franchises the opportunity to integrate its API and SDK into their own branded apps, allowing them to swiftly deploy social loyalty programs. In addition, the platform's analytics pages allow teams to measure results and demonstrate return on investment.

The appeal of Enthuse lies in the untapped potential of mobile loyalty programs specifically tailored for sports. While numerous startups and companies focus on ticketing or more general live events, Enthuse aims to introduce social loyalty to sports teams by seamlessly integrating with the teams' existing apps. The company has already formed partnerships with prominent institutions such as the University of Miami, Butler University, the University of North Carolina, Popchips, and Jimmy V Week (ESPN). These organizations have implemented rewards programs on the Enthuse platform, distributing the app to their fans to earn points, enhance engagement, and provide enticing rewards.

Following the initial launch of their iPhone app, Enthuse eventually officially released its Android app, allowing users to win real rewards and fan experiences, irrespective of whether their favorite sports team has partnered with Enthuse. For example, even though the Red Sox haven't joined forces with the startup, fans could still win a month's supply of Popchips simply by utilizing the app. Additionaly, the company collaborated with Audi Birds of Prey, a significant national ski event, enabling fans who follow the event on Enthuse to access rewards from GoPro, Helly Hansen, and Maui Jim Sunglasses. This strategy rewards both attendees and remote followers who engage with the event on their mobile devices.


Brian York


Brian York

Born on the streets of Bogotá, he was relinquished by his homeless mother to an orphanage, hoping for a brighter future. From a young age, York has been driven by both conscious and unconscious pursuits of success.

Raised in Boston, York commenced his professional career in Silicon Valley, immersing himself in the world of tech entrepreneurship and collaborating with the city's most prominent venture capitalists. However, an unyielding desire to reconnect with his origins led him back to Bogotá in 2017, where he founded Liftit, his most triumphant startup to date.

York pursued accounting in college and wasted no time immersing himself in the world of business. He established an on-demand CFO service catering to venture capital firms, and through a stroke of luck and impeccable timing, he found himself serving as the CFO for Chris Sacca at Lowercase Ventures—a notable early investor in industry giants like Uber and Instagram.

Living a nomadic lifestyle has been a source of pride and inspiration for York. He thrives on change, relishing the opportunity to explore new countries and meet diverse individuals, embracing the challenges that accompany unfamiliar environments. In fact, since the age of 17, York has never resided in the same location for more than a year.

“Win big or lose big.”


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