Rethinking Frozen Foods.

Phil Anson challenged the conventional wisdom surrounding frozen food and advocated for a return to its roots. Acquired by Boulder Brands, Inc. in 2013.

Gone are the days when frozen meals primarily consisted of recognizable ingredients, but the fundamental principle of food consumption dictates that what we eat should primarily comprise actual food. 

In the quaint town of Boulder, a culinary gem emerged in 2002–Evol Foods. With a steadfast commitment to crafting delectable frozen foods using only the finest ingredients, Evol has captured the hearts and palates of food enthusiasts across the nation. Its dedication to quality shines through, as all its beef, chicken, and pork are raised without antibiotics and its eggs hail from cage-free chickens.

Think back to the days of our grandparents when they grew their own food right in their backyard. Chances are high that they didn't cultivate genetically modified chicken powder or dedicate rows of land to partially hydrogenated soybeans. Nowadays, when visiting the frozen food section of any grocery store, you might leave bewildered. The packaging seems to resemble a complex scientific equation straight out of the periodic table. While this might be fascinating for those well-versed in chemistry, it's essential to remember that the majority of us aren't science wizards. 

What started as a humble venture centered around simple bean and cheese burritos blossomed into an impressive showcase of exotic flavors.

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Phil Anson


Phil Anson

The mastermind behind this frozen sensation is Phil Anson, a native of California whose passion for burritos ignited a culinary journey. Phil transformed his beloved pastime into a full-time business, establishing Phil's Fresh Foods, LLC, the proud parent company of Evol. He initially introduced his handmade frozen burritos to gas stations and coffee shops, swiftly amassing a dedicated following.

Evol's meteoric rise caught the attention of Conagra Brands, a renowned culinary powerhouse headquartered in Chicago. With a reputation for revitalizing classic food brands, Conagra Brands acquired Evol, recognizing its immense potential. Today, Evol's delectable creations grace the shelves of supermarkets nationwide, and for those seeking convenience, they are also available on


“All of these hot-button food issues, we’re at the forefront of all of that through this idea of loving what you eat and through the way of knowing where we source the food.”

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