Hardware To Software. 

Brian Rossa wanted to help developers take their device testing and automation to the next level through a brand new, cutting-edge platform.

A range of features that allow users to effortlessly manage and automate device testing across various combinations of hardware and operating systems.

Whether you need to spin up multiple device/OS combinations or automate your own devices using the server virtual machine (VM) on your local area network (LAN), Føcal has you covered.

With the ability to connect to HW/SW sensors, Føcal enables seamless integration with your devices. By running the server VM on your LAN, you can automate your devices and harness the power of Føcal's capabilities. Using the client command-line interface (CLI), you can easily initiate device combinations and operating systems with a few simple commands.

For instance, by running the command "føcal farm instance connect my_pi --console" on your Raspberry Pi, you can establish a connection to the Føcal farm instance. From there, you can utilize the power of Føcal to create traces, assert conditions, and perform performance testing. The integration with popular libraries like OpenCV makes it easy to incorporate into your existing workflows.

One of the standout features of Føcal is its support for hardware counters, which are considered the gold standard in performance testing. By automatically instrumenting every device and operating system deployed by the server VM, Føcal provides you with a wealth of data to analyze and optimize your devices.

In addition to device testing, Føcal offers deployment simulation capabilities. By connecting to your device through SSH, you can perform tasks such as echoing the hostname with the command "føcal farm instance connect my_pi --ssh 'echo $HOSTNAME'". This allows you to simulate real-world deployment scenarios and ensure the smooth operation of your devices.

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Brian Rossa


Brian Rossa


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