Revenue Intelligence. 

Bhupesh Bajaj, Dan Lodder, and Kaushik Bhaumik witnessed the inefficiencies within our healthcare system and knew they could do something about it. Acquired by McKesson in 2020.

By leveraging technology and data-driven insights, the company aims to create a more sustainable and patient-centric healthcare system in the United States.

In an effort to address the opaque nature of healthcare costs, Glide Health, a software startup, is making significant strides in transforming the US healthcare industry. By providing greater financial transparency for both patients and providers, Glide Health aims to revolutionize the way care is accessed and delivered. Through its cross-functional and AI-based revenue intelligence solution, the company not only predicts the financial feasibility of various treatment plans in advance, but also offers insights into out-of-pocket expenses, empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their healthcare.

Glide Health's solution has the ability to automate a significant portion of the administrative tasks and burdens faced by healthcare providers when dealing with insurance reimbursement processes. By streamlining these processes, the software frees up valuable time and resources for providers, enabling them to focus more on delivering personalized care to their patients. Additionally, the software enhances providers' ability to accurately forecast revenue, allowing them to take proactive measures to improve associated metrics. This innovative approach holds the potential to transform the healthcare landscape, offering transparency, efficiency, and cost savings to patients and providers alike.

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Bhupesh Bajaj, Dan Lodder, and Kaushik Bhaumik


Bhupesh Bajaj, Dan Lodder, & Kaushik Bhaumik

Glide Health has assembled a team of founders with a wealth of experience in delivering technology innovation and managing teams in the healthcare sector.

Bhupesh Bajaj, the Co-founder and CTO of Glide Health, brings a strong background in engineering and leadership roles. Previously, he served as the VP of Engineering at Change Healthcare, which was acquired by McKesson, and held the position of Senior Director of Software Engineering at Cardinal Health. Bajaj's expertise in these roles positions him well to drive technical advancements at Glide Health.

Joining Bajaj is Dan Lodder, the Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of Glide Health. Lodder boasts an impressive career spanning two decades in healthcare, with a focus on senior leadership positions. He spent a decade at McKesson, a company with an annual revenue of $200 billion, serving as the CTO of McKesson Specialty Health. Lodder also held key roles as the Chief Product Officer (CPO) at HealthHelp and as the General Manager at Practice Fusion, which was acquired by Allscripts.

Kaushik brings with him a wealth of experience spanning over 25 years in the healthcare and information technology services sectors. Prior to his tenure at Ernst & Young, Bhaumik held various executive management positions at a prominent technology solutions company, including serving as the Global Leader of its $3 billion Healthcare business.


 Kaushik discussing Glide Heath on Hive Mumble

“The overall [healthcare] industry is more efficient because we've taken out a lot of this administrative cost. Right now, that administrative cost is about 15% of the total healthcare economy.”

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