The most hyper-realistic,  interactive learning available.

Kevin Cornish founded Moth+Flame to develop a next-gen learning platform that combines virtual reality with AI to simulate difficult life moments.

World-class experts training anyone anywhere at any time.


Based in NYC, Moth+Flame specializes in immersive platforms like VR, AR and NLP. Founded in 2016, Moth+Flame has produced award-winning immersive content use by companies including Netflix, Accenture, IMAX, Estee Lauder Companies, Nick, Google, Oculus, AMC, Discovery, MTV, AT&T, Ram Truck, AMD and Taylor Swift. Moth + Flame experiences have been recognized for excellence by institutions including Television Academy, Cannes Lions, SXSW, AICP NEXT, Future of Storytelling, Sundance, Tribeca Film Festival and has been permanently archived in the Museum of Modern Art.

The Moth+Flame conversational experience, Talk To The Reasons, an AI-powered conversational fan experience created for Netflix was nominated for a Prime Time Emmy. AVEnueS, made for Accenture won Best AR/VR at Mobile World Congress and was a finalist for the Innovation Award at SXSW. The Moth+Flame original VR film Remember: Remember, a real-time rendered, room-scale cinematic experience premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. Other Moth + Flame productions include: The Walking Dead VR for AMC (winner of Best VR at Cynopsis) and Fall in Love, an AI-power piece created for Oculus that brings human conversation into VR. Fall in Love was shortlisted for a Cannes Lion, Future of Storytelling Prize and the AICP Next Award. Moth + Flame created the first branded, multi-player, social VR, room scale experience Discovery VR's 2017 CES presentation. 

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Impact at scale,  powered by data you can see.

Cutting-edge interactive scenarios that blur the line between training and real experience.

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