New Public Funding. 

Jase Wilson and Patrick Hosty sought to change the way communities fund vital projects of public importance.

A unique approach to civic investing that fosters a sense of ownership and connection, driving individuals to actively participate in the growth of their neighborhoods.

In 2012, Jase Wilson and Patrick Hosty embarked on a mission to revolutionize civic investing through the creation of Neighborly. This innovative company introduced a crowdfunding platform that allowed individuals to invest in municipal bonds, transforming the way communities fund their civic projects. With headquarters in San Francisco, California, and an additional office in Kansas City, Missouri, Neighborly became a driving force in democratizing civic funding.

Neighborly sought to foster transparency and empower individuals by providing them with a transparent platform to invest in municipal bonds. Gone are the days when civic projects were solely dependent on traditional financing sources. With Neighborly, investors had the freedom to choose which civic projects they want to support, giving them a voice in shaping their communities.

The platform served as a centralized hub, offering a comprehensive database of active civic projects across the United States. From building libraries that nurture knowledge and culture to procuring new fire trucks for the local fire departments, Neighborly showcased a diverse range of projects that reflect the needs and aspirations of communities nationwide.

Investors could explore these projects, evaluate their potential impact, and make informed decisions about where they want to allocate their funds. By investing in municipal bonds through Neighborly, individuals became stakeholders in the progress and development of their communities.

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Jase Wilson and Patrick Hosty


Jase Wilson & Patrick Hosty

Raised in a family without a college background, Wilson defied the odds and became the first in his family to pursue higher education. His academic journey led him to the study of cities and technology at UMKC (University of Missouri-Kansas City) and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), where he deepened his understanding of the intricate relationship between urban environments and technological advancements.

Before embarking on his groundbreaking venture with Neighborly, Wilson laid the groundwork for change as the founder of Luminopolis, a civic tech firm with a core focus on facilitating connections between communities and their citizens through open-source software. This early foray into the realm of civic technology set the stage for his future endeavors, as he recognized the immense potential for leveraging technology to address societal challenges and foster meaningful community engagement.

Josemar stands tall with over a decade of invaluable experience. With a diverse skill set encompassing every facet of software development, from conceptualization to architectural design, Backend APIs to Frontend User Experiences, Josemar possesses an unparalleled understanding of what it takes to construct efficient, scalable, and maintainable software platforms. He is now at Underline working as Software Architect.


“We think of the approach as “information infrastructure,” since the outcome is designed to function like our nation’s physical road networks work today—rather than the tangled, uneven patchwork of legacy corporate telecom roadways currently serving parts of our nation.”


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