Giving Scientists Their Time Back. 

Ramy Arnaout, Ian Connor, and Ryan Jones recognized through first-hand experience just how difficult it was for scientists to locate the research they required. Acquired by Copyright Clearance Center in 2017.

Catering to the specific needs of scientists by empowering them with efficient tools and streamlined access to information, thus revolutionizing the way they discover and access scholarly information.

This 2007 founding by Beth Israel Hospital clinical pathologist, Ramy Arnaout, stemmed from his personal struggle to find relevant papers amidst the ever-expanding scientific literature. The company not only offered advertising and enterprise search services but also provided a public search engine, effectively bridging the gap between researchers and the vast sea of knowledge at their fingertips. One of Pubget's crowning achievements was the development of, a game-changing service that offered free access to non-profit institutions, libraries, and researchers. By forging partnerships with 450 libraries worldwide, the platform provided direct access to an extensive array of full-text content.

In its quest for excellence, Pubget relocated its headquarters from Cambridge, Massachusetts to the bustling Innovation District of Boston in 2011. This strategic move reflected the company's commitment to fostering collaboration and staying at the forefront of scientific advancements, while also providing a vibrant and conducive environment for its employees to thrive. However, in 2012, it was announced that Pubget would be acquired by Copyright Clearance Center, which ultimately lead to the closure of the service in 2017.

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Ramy Arnaout,
Ian Connor, and
Ryan Jones


Ramy Arnaout, Ian Connor, & Ryan Jones

While Pubget is no longer active, each of the three founders is still finding other ways to further improve local communities.

Ramy remains an Associate Professor at Harvard, where his laboratory continues to leverage experiments, mathematics, and machines to decipher the human immunome, as well as a host of other interesting and important problems in machine learning, microbiology, and medicine.

Ian is now a consultant with Patient Zero, helping organizations improve their software development capability by leveraging his expertise in scientific and AI software development, but with a recently expanded focus that includes power electronics and redox flow battery systems.

Ryan eventually went on to help start another company in Florence Healthcare with investment from Bee Partners and seeks to advance cures for diseases by enabling clinical trial sites to do their best work.  

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