Rapid Robotics x Kira x TechCrunch Live

December 16, 2022
1 min read
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Simplicity is desperately needed, Jordan Kretchmer was telling TechCrunch. Jordan’s the co-founder and CEO of Rapid Robotics, a firm that excels at selling its robotic solutions to non-technical customers and investors. His company launched a new service last month that highlights its approach. Called Smart Setup, this clever product gives customers a ridiculous amount of flexibility. Just roll a Rapid Robotics Operator to a new job, and the company says it can be trained to do a new task in under a minute. Simple. Rapid Robotics CEO Jordan Kretchmer and Bee Partners partner Kira Noodleman are today’s guests on TechCrunch Live. The two are experts on selling technical services, and during this TechCrunch Live event, they walk through their processes. As a partner at Bee Partners, Kira has been pushing this mantra for years. When Jordan was building Rapid Robotics’ early decks, he turned to Noodleman’s past research to develop his straightforward approach. And we have questions, too: How has fundraising for robotic startups changed in the last two years? How can deep tech startups best position themselves when approaching venture capitalists? What’s a good founder fit for Kira Noodleman and Bee Partners, and how does the firm utilize machine-to-machine learning when investing?

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