The Machine-to-Machine Learning Vector

December 16, 2022
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While industry 4.0 has traditionally been focused on manufacturing, the Machine-to-Machine Learning(M2ML) value proposition is extensible to a much wider scope of new industries, and achieved by 1) automating repeatable processes in data-rich domains like agriculture, healthcare, and industrial settings and 2) “operationalizing” discovery cycles in industries where humans power the majority of the value.

This insight paper uses ample industry examples to describe how M2ML innovations occur across three distinct waves: concept, MVP building, and go-to-market, identifies upcoming areas of opportunity, and examines the trends driving this evolution.

Learn how Bee Partners uses vector-driven analysis to identify Founder-partners.
Read Bee Partners’ position paper, Human Machine Convergence: The Intersection of Early Investment and Profound Opportunity.

About Bee Partners
Bee Partners leads preSeed DeepTech venture capital investing by partnering with Founders who have the smarts, grit, and humanity to create the machines of tomorrow in AI/ML, Robotics, Automation, Synthetic Biology, and more. The firm leverages a singular approach in detecting new and emerging patterns of business as well as inside access to fertile but often overlooked entrepreneurial ecosystems to identify early opportunity in large, untapped markets. This approach has led the portfolio to a 60%+ matriculation rate to Series A. Bee’s portfolio companies consistently realize growth at levels that outstrip industry averages and have secured over $1.5B in follow-on capital from the world's top VCs.

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