Welcome to the Bee Team, Tim Smith!

April 24, 2017
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We are thrilled to announce that Tim Smith has joined us here at Bee Partners! We have known Tim for years through our mutual connection into UC Berkeley’s SkyDeck accelerator program, and we’ve been impressed with the quality of advisory services that he’s provided to earliest-stage teams.

With an experience set packed with founder war stories, and a design ethos that greatly complements our existing team’s skill set, Tim will be felt throughout the organization. He is primarily responsible for serving as the team lead for Portfolio Operations, including a multivariate set of activities that we provide to our founders. He will work on synthesizing our efforts to offer Bee Founders Connections to VC investors, Content covering best practices, Collaboration with domain experts and other founders, and Customer introductions.   

Tim is an 8 time Founder!  He’s built companies from the ground up, operating in basically every facet of the life cycle and organization (isn’t that the test of a Founder’s core competency!!).  With more than 25 years of technology design, development, and marketing experience spanning large scale data center management to an interactive design agency, Tim’s empathy is at the core of Bee Partners ethos.  He’s been in the Founder’s shoes and is cool as a southern cucumber under fire.  

Tim shares our vision for supporting entrepreneurs as they build foundational companies, and as a serial entrepreneur himself, his skillset will be a valuable asset to our internal team.  His operational experience includes serving as Founder and CEO of Red Sky Interactive in San Francisco, one of the pioneering and earliest funded Internet agencies (by Omnicom, New York). Red Sky was the third most awarded interactive agency in the world in 1999. 

His entrepreneurship activities include serving as a Venture Advisor, Chair of the Design Program, and Representative to the Board at UC Berkeley’s SkyDeck accelerator.  Tim’s specialties include: technology marketing and strategy, creative team building, interactive product design and production, design thinking/rapid prototyping, shaking hands, probing questions, wild tangents, making new things from disparate parts. He loves juggling, biking, board sports and may be the only person you know who has had his car repaired by Steve Jobs.

Check him and his boys out at his favorite surf spot in Bolinas:

Welcome Tim!  We look forward to our lasting Bee partnership.  

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