Our Investment in Node.io: Resource Magnetism Yielding Great Product

June 13, 2016
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Bee Partners is pleased to announce our investment in Node.io after 2 years in stealth, during which the team has built an intuitive data intelligence layer that reorganizes the web in a personalized fashion.

We often talk about Founders at the earliest stages needing to be resource magnets, and Node founder Falon Fatemi embodies this trait. Falon expertly attracts the various types of resources necessary for an early Founder to thrive – talentresources (people who share your vision and will follow you into battle, anywhere), customer resources (those early reference customers that are the key to go from 0 to 1), and financial resources (financial investors that buy into your vision).

In particular, Falon’s talent resource magnetism translates to Node’s very product, which operates in the network intelligence space. Throughout her career, Falon has helped grow numerous tech companies such as Google and YouTube, and honed skills in strategic partnerships, fundraising, and talent management. She is a thought leader in the sales stack space, and a monthly contributor to Entrepreneur, and has written articles for ForbesWiredrecodeTechCrunch and more. Falon has expertly built a team with impeccable credentials, and has instilled in them a grand vision for the future web that makes search obsolete and contextualizes digital interactions. Ultimately, Node empowers its users to attract resources through recommendations and relevant data that is derived from slicing personal web data. This insight exemplifies the Founder-business fit we assess when considering opportunities.

Being enterprise first investors, Bee has been mindful of the evolution of the software sales stack. Over the last cycle, the competition and offerings in the stack have intensified, of which we have diligenced several. When we saw what Falon was doing, we immediately recognized the potential sales gains, impact, and effectiveness. Notably, the Company now has its first paying enterprise customers.

Since we first supported Node in the pre-seed, the Company has focused its scaling efforts around equipping sales and marketing organizations with a deeper understanding of their key target audiences. In the future, Node plans to recommend new hires and companies ideal to partner with, and to provide B2C consumer recommendations. While we are eager to evangelize, we are letting Node validate its product-market fit before offering more details.

Today, we are thrilled about Node’s achievement in raising $7.5MM of funding, and the progress made thus far in their leveraging web data to optimize how businesses sell, market, hire and partner. Come learn more out Node’s innovations and request an invite to use the service today!

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