Printing Made Easy. 

Jared Hansen saw an opportunity to create a platform to lead the way for secure cloud printing in the enterprise.

Reshaping mobile document management, ushering in a new era of convenience and efficiency through seamless user experiences and mobile productivity.

Previously known as BreezyPrint, the Oakland-based company has undergone a strategic rebranding to shed limitations and embrace its broader vision. Founder and CEO Jared Hansen shared his motivation behind the name change, emphasizing Breezy's commitment to delivering innovative solutions. Already enabling users to fax and print documents directly from their phones, Hansen revealed his plans to introduce a scanning feature, further enhancing the app's functionality.

The appeal of Breezy's app is evident, particularly for individuals who rely heavily on their mobile devices for work, including managing emails. The inconvenience of transitioning to a computer simply to print can be a frustrating interruption. Breezy eliminates this cumbersome step, with Hansen estimating potential time savings of up to seven minutes per task. Drawing on his background as a former corporate lawyer, he highlighted his initial frustration with the lack of a print feature on BlackBerry devices, which ultimately spurred the creation of Breezy.

For businesses seeking to integrate Breezy into their operations, Hansen emphasized the app's distinct advantages over services like AirPrint. Breezy supports multiple devices, including BlackBerry, Android, and Windows Phone, with an upcoming iPhone app in the pipeline. Additionally, Breezy provides valuable analytics on printing activities, enabling businesses to enhance security measures and manage costs effectively.

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Jared Hansen


Jared Hansen

Before breaking into the entrepreneurial scene, Jared spent a few years as a BigLaw lawyer, gaining invaluable experience in the world of legal practice, honing his skills, and expanding his understanding of the complex legal landscape.

From there, Jared embarked on a remarkable venture with Breezy, a trailblazing leader in secure cloud and mobile printing solutions. With its innovative platform, Breezy transformed traditional printer fleets for esteemed institutions such as law firms, banks, and healthcare providers. Through its cutting-edge APIs, apps, and print management tools, tens of thousands of users in some of the world's most prominent companies embraced the convenience and security of Breezy's technology.

He then took a detour through the healthcare industry with ClearCare, before venturing into the realm of Thrilling Foods, where he is currently Co-Founder and CEO.

“There are lots of situations where you really need a printed page. With the network that we’re creating Everyone is moving towards mobile computing, but paper isn’t going away anytime soon.”

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→ Breezy Gets $750K From Accel And Others, To Advance Its Mobile Printing Platform

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