Tech Fulfillment. 

Dav Yaginuma saw an opportunity to improve the warehouse echelon of the e-commerce supply chain.

Cutting-edge software solutions for Shopify merchants and warehouse fulfillment operators, enabling seamless order and inventory management for e-commerce fulfillment.

Unchained, a software company, has directed its efforts towards developing innovative solutions for Shopify merchants and warehouse fulfillment operators. With a focus on creating an efficient Order Management System for Shopify merchants and comprehensive Warehouse and Inventory Management Systems for fulfillment operators, Unchained aims to streamline e-commerce fulfillment processes. The company utilizes these systems to oversee fulfillment operations for its customers, the merchants, by collaborating with trusted third-party logistics (3PL) partners. To ensure the reliability and effectiveness of its software, Unchained operates a small warehouse facility in Oakland, actively utilizing its own systems in a practice known as "dogfooding."


Dav Yaginuma


Dav Yaginuma

Throughout nearly three decades of experience, primarily in startup environments during the initial five years of his journey, Dav has consistently taken on leadership roles in engineering, product direction, and sometimes as a founder.

Having been a founder three times, either as CEO or CTO, Dav successfully raised approximately $4 million in funding. Moreover, he contributed to the development of minimum viable products (MVPs) on numerous occasions, both as an employee, founder, and consultant.

One of his core strengths lies in building MVPs and subsequently transforming early-stage engineering code and teams into scalable, maintainable code of the highest quality, implementing robust development practices. Adaptability to new programming languages comes naturally to Dav, and he possesses extensive work experience with languages such as Ruby, Objective-C, JavaScript, and Java. Additionally, I have dabbled in Dart (Flutter), Go, Swift, Kotlin, C/C++, Python, C# (Unity), Elixir, and Prolog.



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