Alternative Financial Services. 

Christopher Boas and Leonardo Shapiro were compelled to help provide digital banking to the underserved 40%.

Tapping into the power of social networks and mobile enablement to increase convenience and reduce cost– fundamentally disrupting traditional financial services in the US.

Airbanq emerges as a groundbreaking cash checking application that revolutionizes the way users access their funds. With Airbanq, individuals can effortlessly upload their checks and conveniently receive cash, granting them unprecedented access to high-quality and fairly priced mobile financial services.

What sets Airbanq apart is its seamless user experience. Upon pre-approval, customers gain the freedom to choose from a variety of locations where they can pick up their cash. This flexibility eliminates the constraints of traditional banking systems and empowers users to retrieve their funds conveniently and efficiently.

One of the standout features of Airbanq is its transparent and competitive pricing structure. The platform charges a nominal fee based on the check's value. For checks up to $500, users are charged a mere $4, ensuring that individuals can access their funds without incurring exorbitant costs. Similarly, for checks up to $1500, the fee stands at $8, providing users with a fair pricing model that aligns with their financial needs. For larger checks, Airbanq implements a modest 1% fee, making it an attractive option for individuals with substantial financial transactions.

Airbanq is more than just a cash checking application; it is a catalyst for financial empowerment. Whether users need immediate access to their funds or seek an alternative to traditional banking services, Airbanq offers a secure and user-friendly solution.


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Christopher Boas and Leonardo Shapiro


Christopher Boas & Leonardo Shapiro


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