Politely Interruptive Ads. 

Diane deCordova and Marc Guldimann understood the importance of attention span and decided to develop a media-buying platform around that concept. Acquiredby Kargo in 2022.

The way we transact media misaligns incentives between publishers and advertisers, and creates poor experiences for readers.

Parsec has always believed that attention is the single most important metric in advertising, and is now the first platform to sell media using attention metrics. 

At the core of Parsec's philosophy lies a deep understanding of attention metrics. By uniting all stakeholders under a shared vision of creating ads that captivate and resonate with audiences, Parsec reshapes the advertising industry's narrative. The company's ingenious solution, Adelaide, an exceptional Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, spearheads the field of evidence-based media quality measurement.

Adelaide's groundbreaking metric, known as Attention Units (AU), empowers advertisers to make data-driven decisions that optimize their media investments. AU, an omnichannel metric meticulously crafted by parsing thousands of signals, serves as a reliable predictor of attention, propelling brands towards more efficient outcomes. In an era where capturing and retaining audience attention is paramount, Parsec's innovative approach to measuring media quality sets a new standard for excellence.

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Diane deCordova and Marc Guldimann


Diane deCordova & Marc Guldimann

Diane's journey began in the bustling streets of London, where she honed her skills in the world of finance. As an investment banker at Morgan Stanley International, she navigated the intricate landscape of global finance, laying the foundation for her future accomplishments. She is a proud graduate of Princeton University as well as the prestigious London School of Economics.

Prior to her role at Parsec Media Inc., she held several prominent positions that showcased her expertise and strategic acumen. Notably, she spearheaded the Google BrandLab, where she led the way in crafting impactful strategies for the tech giant. Her tenure as Senior Vice President of Sales for Next New Networks further solidified her reputation as a dynamic leader in the media landscape.

With a tenure of over 10 years in the dynamic world of digital advertising, Marc has witnessed the industry's evolution firsthand. It all began with his first venture, Spongecell, which underwent a transformative pivot into the realm of display advertising. This pivotal moment, accompanied by the infusion of funds from IPG, marked the beginning of my deep fascination with the intricacies and possibilities of this ever-changing landscape.

That said, Marc notes how life has a peculiar way of leading us down unexpected paths, and his foray into the world of advertising is a testament to this truth. His transition from the realm of decision sciences to digital media was an unexpected twist in his professional journey. Previously entrenched in the realm of wireless security, advertising seemed light-years away from my expertise and interests. Yet, life has a way of surprising us and pushing us toward unforeseen opportunities.


 Autonomous Start-up Spotlight: Parsec Media

“Understanding when to embrace change, and viewing it as an opportunity to meet the demands of an evolving market, requires a market-oriented mindset.”


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