Google Ad Words for Music. 

Joey Flores, Ian Connor, and Yotam Rosenbaum worked tirelessly toward the goal of turning streaming music into a true creator of value for the content community. Acquired by You42, Inc. in 2014.

Rhetoric about driving value for creators will no longer suffice; it's time for streaming giants to back their words with tangible actions.

It's 2010, and Joey Flores's vision was clear: create an immersive platform that would serve as a haven for music enthusiasts, a place where they could truly engage with music on a deeper level. He envisioned a space that transcended traditional marketing techniques, one that fostered genuine connections between artists and their audiences. It became the mission to curate a rich tapestry of musical experiences, capturing the essence of each artist's craft and providing a platform for their talents to shine.

While streaming companies have undeniably provided a platform for content creators to showcase their talents and reach global audiences, the harsh reality is that many creators are struggling to make ends meet. The promise of exposure and potential fame often obscures the underlying financial challenges that creators face. If streaming companies genuinely care about the creators behind their products, they must address these issues head-on.

For four and a half years, the company seemingly found some product-market fit, but unfortunately, in June 2014, the company ran out of capital and had to close its doors, leaving its dedicated users and talented artists in a state of uncertainty. However, in a turn of events that can only be described as serendipitous, a mysterious benefactor emerged, determined not to let Earbits fade into obscurity. Atlanta-based media company You42, Inc. decided to fully acquire the startup, providing another opportunity to grow along with its 14,500 artists across 700 record labels and over 300,000 registered listeners with 500,000 mobile installs.

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“...we have helped to shine a light on new and innovative ways that streaming can bring value to artists and content owners, and to provide an example of the sort of short term sacrifices it takes to begin to truly solve this problem.”

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