Nature's Touch in the Concrete Jungle

Vanessa Keitges saw a means to create a positive impact on the environment while promoting sustainability and fostering wellness through both commercial and residential buildings...

A steadfast commitment to combat the effects of our ever-changing climate through the provision of green roofs and green amenity spaces.

Founded in 2010, Columbia Green Technologies (CGT) has always had an overarching goal to empower building owners and their investors with long-term returns on their ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) investments, reinforcing the notion that responsible business practices can yield positive outcomes. 

However, the advantages of green roofs extend beyond mere financial gains. By seamlessly integrating nature back into the building environment, these innovative systems offer a respite from the concrete jungle and contribute to improved health and well-being. The extensive range of green roof systems and amenity deck products cater to both new and existing commercial and residential structures, ensuring accessibility and adaptability across diverse architectural landscapes.

As President and CEO of Columbia Green Technologies, Vanessa views green roofs and green amenity spaces as a nature-based solution to assist with building resilient communities for the future. She and her team are committed to creating a positive environmental and social impact by building vibrant, resilient cities and replacing aging infrastructure with green infrastructure. The company's products are proudly manufactured in the USA and adhere to rigorous standards. Not only do these products meet the esteemed LEED V4 certification requirements, but they also carry the esteemed Living Building Challenge Declare label. These accolades underscore the dedication to championing sustainability and pushing the boundaries of eco-friendly design.

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Innovative green roof technology

Columbia Green Technologies offers comprehensive green roof solutions for a variety of situations: extensive, semi-intensive, and intensive roof gardens. Green roofs, also known as vegetated roofs, are increasingly common because of their beauty and myriad of environmental benefits, including the creation of habitat, reduction of heat island effects, and management of urban stormwater runoff. Our products were engineered to maximize stormwater retention and create an environment for optimal plant health.

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Vanessa Keitges

In addition to her work with Columbia Green Technologies, Vanessa has served in numerous executive positions, where she has managed rapid growth both domestically and internationally. CGT is currently experiencing significant growth under her leadership, with over 2,500+ green roof installs and offices Coast to Coast.

In the fall of 2013, Vanessa was appointed to President Obama’s Export Council to represent the interest of small businesses and the green building industry. She sat on the President’s Export Council and reported to President Obama for 4 years with 26 other CEOs, including CEOs of Boeing, Ford, Marriott, Disney, Dow Chemicals, IBM, E-bay, Lockheed Martin, Merck, Pfizer, etc.

Vanessa was also a speaker at SXSW, nominated as top “40 under 40″ executives in Oregon, and mentioned as a top woman in technology to invest in by Forbes eblog, "New to Export" award by the U.S. Department of Commerce in 2011, Portland Business Journal's #13 Fastest Growing Company in Oregon in 2014.

"Through our endeavors, we endeavor to shape cities where people can live, work, and play in harmony with their surroundings, ultimately fostering a sense of belonging and connectedness."

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