Technology-enhanced services for patients living with chronic conditions.

Neel Master founded Engooden Health to empower providers to care for their patients living with chronic conditions.

Engooden Health is transforming the care delivery model for chronic disease management by providing consistent, trust-based patient engagement between physician visits. 


Engooden offers payers and providers scalable, technology-enabled services for patients living with chronic conditions. Their approach is focused on rising risk patients – a significant population that is often difficult to reach. Engooden alters the trajectory of their health outcomes with a goal to improve overall quality of life and keep patients out of the high-risk population. Engooden means to transform something negative into a positive; to ameliorate or improve. This is what they set out to do every day for our customers and their patients under their care. Whether it’s by helping patients manage diabetes or high blood pressure, navigating medication and prescriptions, or providing emotional support through an expected touchpoint each month, their goal is to help patients improve their health and quality of life. In good hands, in good health.

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Solutions enabling providers to extend reach beyond clinical care.

Engooden helps patients navigate the care continuum, focusing on non-clinical factors so physicians can focus on working at the top of their license.

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