One API for all geospatial data.

Rachel Olney founded Geosite to be the leading platform for geospatial data.

Geosite's platform is built for the future. As models are adapted and observable data provides answers, data, models, and analytics can be exchanged to stay at the cutting edge.


The world around us is changing at a rapid pace with increased frequency and severity of natural catastrophes due to climate change. Fortunately, technology is enabling us to solve long-standing problems with increased efficiency. 

Geosite is keen on increasing access to the information and processes needed to make informed decisions, so their insurance partners can better understand risk and provide support in times of crisis.

Geospatial data — information that links people, objects or behaviors with the “when and where” they occupy — is critical to managing resources and solving problems that range from finding lost hikers to directing disaster response, coordinating military or humanitarian operations, supply management, accurately managing installations and critical infrastructure nodes or addressing food scarcity. A majority of enterprises, however, struggle to capitalize on these data assets due real and perceived complexities associated with managing spatial data.

 Enter: Geosite. Geosite’s platform sources, visualizes, and analyzes the relevant geospatial data for our clients. Collected from satellites, drones, aerial, and IoT, we democratize data in a comprehensive, intuitive, and turn-key platform.  With Geosite, clients can easily integrate geospatial data to make day-to-day operations and management processes more efficient, no expert data science required.

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The comprehensive geospatial data marketplace.

Geosite's platform sources, visualizes, and analyzes the relevant geospatial data so our customers can make informed business decisions. Collected from satellites, drones, aerial, and IoT, we democratize data in a comprehensive and intuitive way. 

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