Streamlining Connections. 

Matt Caspari wanted to institute a more authentic means for social media influencers to call all their followers in real-time and at a moment’s notice.

In an era where social media has turned into impersonal mass communication, Phonio aims to bring back the intimacy and personal touch to the celebrity-fan relationship.

In the dynamic realm of social media and digital influence, Phonio emerges as a groundbreaking communication platform that empowers influencers to connect with their audiences through exclusive content. Since its inception in 2013, Phonio revolutionizes the way diverse organizations in sports (i.e., Sacramento Kings), entertainment (i.e., Lil Wayne and Young Money Entertainment), and the non-profit sector engage with their followers, establishing itself as a prominent player in the B2C space within the Media & Entertainment market segments.

At the core of Phonio's innovative offering is a mobile-based proprietary platform meticulously crafted to cater to the unique needs of influencers across various domains. From renowned celebrities to influential thought leaders, politicians to revered religious figures, musicians to revered athletes, and even consumer brands, Phonio provides a seamless avenue for these individuals and organizations to instantly connect with their audiences through personalized phone calls. Celebrities willingly share their Phonio phone numbers, enabling fans to sign up and receive their next call for free. But Phonio goes beyond just one-way communication. Public figures can also randomly call a lucky fan for a genuine two-way conversation, fostering a true sense of connection and interaction.

Phonio offers a unique opportunity for celebrities to express themselves precisely the way they want to, ensuring their message reaches fans in its purest form.

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Matt Caspari


Matt Caspari

Meet Matt, an exceptional individual with an impressive track record as a founder and CEO in the venture-backed startup realm. With over a decade of firsthand experience in startup operations, Matt's expertise and entrepreneurial spirit have shaped his journey in remarkable ways.

While pursuing his education at UC Berkeley, Matt's entrepreneurial drive led him to found Aurora Biofuels, a groundbreaking venture that flourished under his guidance. This trailblazing company swiftly grew to encompass a team of over 100 dedicated employees, securing more than $100 million in capital before being acquired by Reliance Industries.

After Phonio, Matt spent some time at Nike, where he held a leadership position within the innovation team before transitioning into the world of venture capital. He served as an Investing Partner at Spike Ventures, a role that allowed him to actively engage in more than twenty strategic investments. His keen eye for promising opportunities and his ability to navigate the intricacies of the investment landscape set him apart in the industry. Additionally, Matt's dedication to fostering innovation led him to become an influential angel investor, spearheading an AngelList syndicate boasting an impressive base of over 1,000 backers.

Matt now serves as a managing partner for Alumni Ventures and keeps his eyes out for exceptional founders so that he can play his part in guiding the next generation of innovators. 


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→ Phonio Lets Celebrities Call Their Fans On The Phone, Raw And Unfiltered

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