Researching Startups. 

James Conlon, Jereme Monteau, Lionel Jingles, Masami Kato, Nader Ghaffari, and Nathan Pacer saw an opportunity to leverage their combined experience to provide data on innovation ecosystems.

Reinvent research through our workbench that combines data, technology, and analysts to produce reports that are continuously refreshed so you never miss a signal.

Corporations turn to Venture Scanner to navigate the ever-evolving startup ecosystem and gain valuable insights into disruptive forces that could impact their industries. By leveraging Venture Scanner's reports and expertise, these forward-thinking organizations can anticipate market shifts, identify emerging trends, and seize new growth opportunities. Armed with actionable intelligence, corporations are equipped to make informed strategic decisions that propel them ahead of the competition.

The hallmark of Venture Scanner lies in its dedication to delivering accurate, reliable, and actionable insights. Its team of experienced researchers and analysts scours the startup landscape, collecting vast amounts of data, and distilling it into comprehensive reports. These reports cover a wide range of industries and technologies, providing clients with a panoramic view of the startup ecosystem.

Whether it's exploring the potential of artificial intelligence, blockchain, health tech, or any other emerging field, Venture Scanner ensures that its clients have access to the latest and most relevant information. By continuously monitoring the pulse of the startup ecosystem, Venture Scanner remains at the forefront of industry trends, equipping its clients with the knowledge they need to make strategic decisions with confidence.

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James Conlon, Jereme Monteau, Lionel Jingles, Masami Kato, Nader Ghaffari, and Nathan Pacer


James Conlon, Jereme Monteau, Lionel Jingles, Masami Kato, Nader Ghaffari, & Nathan Pacer


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