Video Ad Control. 

Brett Wilson and John Hughes understood why advertisers start their annual budget-planning process with TV—video does the heavy lifting of persuading people. Acquired by Adobe in 2016.

Giving more control and transparency back to advertisers; during a time when they were heavily relying on black-box ad networks to scale their video buys.

The company's journey began in 2007 when founders Brett Wilson and John Hughes, MBA students at the University of California Berkeley's Haas School of Business, won the Haas Business Plan Competition. This victory provided the seed money needed to develop and launch TubeMogul as a cross-platform online video analytics tool.

As the video landscape was evolving in 2007, TubeMogul initially offered a platform for video distribution and performance tracking. However, realizing the need for more control and transparency in video advertising, they transformed TubeMogul into the first self-serve video demand-side platform (DSP) in 2011, empowering advertisers in a market reliant on black-box ad networks. Content creators could upload their videos through TubeMogul, which then facilitated distribution and performance tracking across various video sharing sites.

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Tube Mogul, Brett Wilson (blue Shirt) & John Hughes (gray shirt) at Tubemogul in Emeryville CaKarl Nielsen 570-3395

Brett Wilson and John Hughes


Brett Wilson & John Hughes

The two MBA students first met in a class about entrepreneurship, became instant friends, and then hoped to start a company one day.

John was more on the introverted side, but Brett described him like a one-of-a-kind wizard when it came to building things, whether it was with his hands or with software.

Fast forward to the end of 2016, TubeMogul's success led to its acquisition for $540 million by Adobe in 2016, strengthening Adobe's Media Optimizer solution and bridging the gap between traditional TV and digital formats. With the rise of programmatic advertising and the blurring lines between digital and traditional media, TubeMogul's journey reflects the industry's growth and the increasing demand for transparency and actionable data in ad buying.

“The end result is marketers can centralize ad buying through software without compromising on where an ad runs or how it’s measured,” said Justin Merickel, VP of Adobe Media Optimizer.

Source: The Story Behind TubeMogul

“It’s really simple: Adobe is the first—and only—marketing stack with a fully executable advertising layer,”

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