A Different Kind of SaaS. 

Greg Alvo saw what Amazon did with Prime memberships and decided to build his own platform to focus on subscriptions, and more specifically, customer lifetime value.

The platform coupled with artificial intelligence, analytics, and unmatched consumer expertise helps top brands transform their commerce experiences across every channel while making their consumers’ lives easier.

It's 2010, and Greg Alvo is in his NYC apartment, bootstrapping an idea from his NYC apartment and an initial $20K investment into a category-creating (Relationship Commerce) and market-leading SaaS platform. Driven by a visionary quest to simplify consumers' lives through groundbreaking commerce experiences, little did he know that his entrepreneurial spirit would redefine the way we engage with products and services.

His company, called Ordergroove, provides a comprehensive tech stack to create, manage, and analyze subscriptions. With seamless integrations with prominent platforms like Salesforce, Magento, Shopify, and various payment systems, Ordergroove empowers merchants and brands to build their own commerce technology stacks. This strategic focus has been a cornerstone of the company's growth, evolving over the years to adapt to the changing landscape of consumer preferences and needs. In fact, the product roadmap has shifted accordingly, with a renewed emphasis on voice interfaces as a means to simplify repeat purchases within the subscription model.

Alvo envisions a future where buying products requires minimal effort, revolutionizing the purchasing experience. He envisions a world where a simple "yes" or a short voice command replaces the cumbersome nine-click process, ultimately streamlining it to zero clicks. Ordergroove believes that these non-shopping cart-based experiences will play a pivotal role in the next five years.

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Greg Alvo


Greg Alvo

Greg's path to success was paved with diverse experiences and a relentless drive for excellence. While pursuing his education and in the immediate aftermath, he honed his skills in a range of enterprise sales roles at Liquidation.com, an eCommerce startup that gained widespread recognition, culminating in a successful initial public offering in 2006. It was during these formative years that Greg's passion for reshaping the digital marketplace took root.

Greg graduated from George Washington University, where he crafted his own major, specializing in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management. However, before that, Greg had already tasted success in the realm of entrepreneurship. He founded Voteq, a pioneering computer hardware firm that quickly garnered a loyal client base of over 100 nationwide. This unique educational journey provided him with the knowledge and tools to navigate the intricate world of startups and forge his path as a visionary entrepreneur.

Today, Ordergroove delivers frictionless, recurring, predictable, and profitable revenues for hundreds of brands including The Honest Company, IL MAKIAGE, KIND Snacks, Peet's Coffee, L'Oreal, and Home Depot. Currently, their list of customers is over 500 and is actively growing.


 Greg talks all things relationship commerce with PYMNTS Media

“Relationship Commerce is the fastest-growing segment of commerce today because it addresses the most pressing challenges that merchants and consumers face.”


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