Balancing the Waves of Change: Ephemeral Streaming in a Perpetual World

October 17, 2023
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Gebre's Vision: The Rise of Ephemeral Streaming

Q: What Do You Mean By "Perpetual" Streaming?

A: Up to the present moment, we have mostly known about perpetual streaming services, services like Spotify, Apple Music, and even Netflix and Hulu, where content goes on to the streaming service, and it is there perpetually; it's basically there forever. Sometimes deals change, and there will be a content piece that moves, but generally, the content is in a streaming service in a perpetual, semi-permanent way.

Q: How Are The Industry's Trends Creating An Opportunity?

A: If you think about perpetual streaming over time and the growth of Spotify, just a couple of years ago, we were at 60,000 recordings delivered to Spotify per day. Today, we are at a hundred thousand recordings per day. What is that going to be like in four or five years? And if you think about artists who have to make it in this environment, that is a terrifying thing to think about. The level of competition that is there–how do you break through all that?

Now, perpetual streaming will be able to survive and continue, and I think we will always have some level of it going on, but we will have to find ways to balance that out. This is what ephemeral streaming is all about, bringing balance.

Q: How Does Ephemeral Streaming Work?

A: Ephemeral streaming is a way of streaming audio or media that expires after a given amount of time. There is some quantitative basis for that media, similar to ephemeral messaging that you might see in Snapchat or other platforms where the message is there, and then after some period of time, it expires.

Q: Where Does Sound Credit Come In?

A: When you import something into a Sound Credit DRIP (a DRIP is Sound Credit's approach to ephemeral streaming), that media item gets added, and the platform searches the file name and other data, feeding that into AI to determine valuable metadata to import into the platform without having to do any data entry–to make the user experience seamless when adding something into the platform.

Q: Why Does Your Approach Make Sense?

A: When we speak to someone, that information we've spoken about is there for that moment, and it's gone. And it's a natural mode of communication for people. When you can bring digital devices, systems, and software into more alignment with the natural world, you get some very interesting things.

Gebre came through our third fund and since the investment, has continued to grow the company's platform and personnel. Click here to learn more about Gebre and Sound Credit or here if you are a Founder innovating in any of our three vectors.

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