Congratulations, SugarCRM, on the Acquisition of

August 24, 2020
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Big congratulations to the smart thinkers at SugarCRM who have picked up You can read the news in TechCrunch.

Node’s AI-as-a-service platform augments sales, marketing, and human resources teams with machine learning-powered customer predictions and lead recommendations, enabling users to connect with better sales leads and potential customers. That’s right in SugarCRM’s sweet spot (sorry not sorry) as a top leader in customer success software, with more than 2 million users in nearly every country on earth. 

Node first came to our attention via Christian Sanz, Founder of Bee Partners’ portfolio company Skycatch. We were immediately impressed by the intelligence and deployment speed of its Founder, Falon Fatemi, and were glad to commit to supporting her at the pre-Seed. Falon’s tremendous resource magnetism brought along downstream investors such as Mark Cuban and a team of brilliant, dedicated technologists to build on the company’s utterly unique vision. 

Falon was an organized and independent Founder--if she needed something, she asked, but otherwise she was heads-down. For our part, we were just a one-person team when we invested in Node in 2015, from our first fund, Bee Partners I. We’ve since brought Garrett, Tim, and Kira onboard to provide systematic and personal support for Founders, including the Founder portal built by Tim that allows us to respond to needs faster than ever. With Kira collaborating with Garrett on dealflow, we’re able to source even more Founders with top skills and support them to success.   

Falon was famously Google’s youngest employee and has used the Founder experience to hone the craft of company building and leadership. We’re so grateful to have worked with her and we know her brilliance and commitment will serve her well in her next adventure. Congratulations SugarCRM on your acquisition of Node!

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