Sports Language Processing. 

Adam Elmore and Eli Dawson set out with the goal to utilize a type of artificial intelligence called natural language processing (NLP) for sports.

Recent advancements in big data, machine learning, and natural language processing have empowered non-technical users, including marketers and business professionals, to harness the power of analytics and make their own inquiries.

The concept behind StatMuse is not entirely new; but while powerful search algorithms exist, many of the advanced statistical and analytical tools are designed for data scientists, making them inaccessible to the average user.

StatMuse's website allows users to explore various basketball statistics through open-ended queries. For example, users can search for "players named Larry" and sort them by different metrics such as points scored or minutes played. The information can be shared on social media platforms or within StatMuse's own social network, fostering a potential community of sports enthusiasts. The service bears similarities to platforms like Graphiq or Tableau, which offer data visualization capabilities, but StatMuse distinguishes itself by focusing specifically on providing enhanced statistics for sports and aims to develop a narrative around the data.

While StatMuse's current focus is on the consumer market, the startup has also entered into a B2B partnership with Disney/ESPN. The long-term goal is to contextualize the statistics further and potentially collaborate with partners like ESPN to provide additional context alongside the raw numbers. 

Beyond its cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, StatMuse boasts the most comprehensive sports knowledge base, dating back to 1876. With over 700 unique illustrations, the company also possesses the largest library of digital player art. When combined with StatMuse's original content, the product truly embodies the brand's vibrant personality.

In 2017, the company unveiled its groundbreaking iOS app, offering fans an entirely new way to engage with sports stars. With this voice app, users can ask their favorite players about scores, stats, and more, and receive answers straight from the athletes themselves. As the officially licensed voice app of the NFLPA, the app primarily features the authentic voices of current NFL players. StatMuse plans to introduce new voices, including some of the top rookies from the 2017 class, early in the NFL season, with more to come in the future. Scott Van Pelt, host of ESPN's SportsCenter, is the first voice covering all three sports featured in the StatMuse app.

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Leader in conversational search for sports stats

StatMuse Search provides instant answers to trillions of sports questions, while turning every result into a piece of personalized content on all your favorite devices.

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Adam Elmore and Eli Dawson


Adam Elmore & Eli Dawson

Nestled in the small town of Willow Springs, just 90 miles east of Springfield, two remarkable individuals, Elmore and Dawson, found their paths intertwining from an early age. Following their high school graduation in 2005, Dawson ventured off to the University of Arkansas, where he pursued a finance degree. On the other hand, Elmore embarked on a computer science program at Missouri State University, although he eventually decided to leave before completing his degree. Presently, Dawson calls San Francisco his home, while Elmore has set up residence in Nixa.


“Our vision for a highly engaging media platform that fuels sports discussion anywhere in the world.”


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